SITOOTERIE [sit - oot - ery] noun, a place to sit out in
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Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Cabanon, the ‘Sitooterie’ offers a small retreat where two people can eat, rest and sleep. It seeks to provide an immersive experience with the landscape while offering comfort and protection.

The self-supporting structure allows the cabin to be fully moveable, while the glazed screen can be orientated to take full advantage of the setting and environmental factors.

SterlingOSB structural insulated panels are arranged in a geodesic pattern - utilising the versatility of the material and maximising the internal volume while minimising cost. The panels are sealed with a water tight, damp proof membrane and blackened timber shingles form the outer cladding.

Sustainably sourced construction materials, a renewable heat source and a heavily insulated shell ensure the cabin is highly energy efficient.