The Devil's Elbow, Glenshee
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A site specific response to a brief requiring a roadside installation. It proposes a ‘sharing’ table and references forms found in the immediate context, such as the remains of the Allt a’Choire Dhirich Bridge (part of the old military road) and anti-tank cubes. The aims was to create a communal place passers by could rest and enjoy the landscape. Referencing the few man made elements found close by creates an opportunity to educate people about the fascinating social history of what would otherwise seem a beautiful yet barren wilderness. These 'found forms' relate directly to colourful episodes in the history of Scotland and thus provide a unique opportunity to mark out the site.

Situated in the bleak yet sublime Cairngorm Mountains, there is a restrained palette of materials to be found in the immediate vicinity. Climate and location necessitate hard and simple forms as seen in the few surviving man made interventions like the road, bridges and WWII fortifications.

Likewise, the proposal uses locally sourced stone and concrete (perhaps from the numerous small quarries used for the old military roads) and fabricated off site. The cost analysis carried out covers the ‘table and chairs’ along with 50m² of soft landscaping to enhance the parking provision. The emphasis being allocated to the labour involved in locating and prefabricating of the basic elements.